Staged Psychometric Test

Harrison's staged psychometric test provides comprehensive job specific assessment for recruitment and succession planning. Candidates move through a series of steps that include pre-screening of qualifications, screening for behavior, assessing critical thinking (optional), and behavioral interviewing.

The benefits of staged psychometric testing include fully assessed talent pools, accurate identification of the best candidate, excellent candidate/employee experience, employer branding, immediate response to the best candidates, reduction of time to hire by 70% or more, insights on how to attract the best candidate, clarity regarding onboarding development needs, and an optional internal job board.

Pre-screening for Qualifications (Eligibility)

Pre-screening for Qualifications (Eligibility)

The Harrison Eligibility Assessment takes only 5 minutes to complete and improves the candidate experience by eliminating the need to complete long applications or other assessments unless the candidate has good qualifications for the job.

Behavior, engagement, and retention

Candidates with good qualifications are automatically requested to complete a behavioral test related to job suitability. The Harrison SmartQuestionnaire measures behavior, engagement, retention, work preferences and expectations in only 25 minutes. It identifies how well the mutual needs of the employee and employer would be met related to a specific job. You have the option to automatically provide candidates with a "Your Greatest Strengths Report" (branded with the employer's name and logo) when they complete the questionnaire.

Critical Thinking and numerical aptitude

Critical Thinking and numerical aptitude (optional)

Final candidates are then optionally requested to complete the job specific aptitude test for critical thinking and problem solving ability which on average takes only 20 minutes to complete. The Quantitative Critical Thinking Assessment provides the same strong correlations with job success as IQ tests that take 1-2 hours to complete.

Behavioral Interviewing

The employer reviews comprehensive reports on the top candidates and uses that data to enhance the effectiveness of the interview with an Interview Guide. The Job Success Analysis report compares the individual to the job success behaviors. The Engagement Report identifies areas of the candidate's employment expectations. The Interview Guide report provides behavioral interview questions related to the specific job and specific applicant. The interviewing method is designed to build a positive relationship with the candidate and further determine mutual employment needs. The How to Attract Report shows the interviewer the key factors to emphasize when making an employment offer.

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