Talent Development Assessments

Harrison Talent Development Assessments provide powerful job specific insights to develop both individuals and organizations. The extensive data from our unique 25 minute SmartQuestionnaire provides awareness and clarity across an individual's job specific behavioral fit, emotional intelligence, behavioral competencies and development plans to increase their performance. Paradox Technology allows you to understand whether an individual's strong traits are true strengths or potential weaknesses. Click on the icons below to learn more about each of our Talent Development Assessments.

Staged Psychometric Testing
Job Specific Behavior and Personality
Compare your employees to job specific success factors, identify behavioral gaps, and target employee development using our wide range of researched based assessments.
Pre-screening for Qualifications
Paradoxical Strengths
Identify key strengths that can be used for talent development. Paradox methodology distinguishes whether strong traits are genuine strengths or potential derailers and provides the clarity to turn derailers into strengths.
Job Specific Behaviour and Personality
Individual Engagement
Increase engagement by assessing individual passions, motivations, expectations, and fulfillment of expectations. Discuss mutual needs and target behavioral gaps related to achieving employee expectations.
Critical Thinking and Numerical Reasoning
Emotional Intelligence
Provide the essential insight needed to achieve emotional intelligence and inspire employee development with a personal roadmap to achieve each of the four EQ competencies.
Behavioral Competency
Behavioral Competencies
Provided detailed guidance to employees on how they can develop expected competencies. Access our BC existing library or customize to reflect your own existing behavioral competencies.
Behavioral Interview
Talent development is easy using one of our 45 customizable assessment variations based on the type of technical work and people interactions. Identify gaps and receive development plans.
Customer Service
Compare your Human Resources, Financial, or Administrative employees to proven success factors. Identify gaps and receive development plans from 27 customizable assessments.
Supervisory positions vary greatly depending upon the job being supervised. We offer more than 600 customizable variations that target specific behaviors for development and provide development plans.
Behavioral Interview
Customer Service
Compare your customer service employees to researched success behaviors and target specific gaps using one of our 14 customizable variations based on the type of service provided.
Develop your sales people by focusing on the specific factors that are relevant to high performance in your specific job. Use one of our existing assessments or customize your own.
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